Mindfulness Bedfordshire

To help launch Mindfulness Bedfordshire, LMD Design was approached to help design the brand image.

Mindfulness Bedfordshire is a mindfulness coaching and training business offering a wide variety of courses and one to one sessions. The business has a focus on supporting individuals in both the personal and professional lives and aim to tailor their services to the needs of their clients.

Mindfulness is becoming an increasingly recognised service in the mainstream, and the owner of Mindfulness Bedfordshire has a huge amount of experience, training and qualifications in mindfulness services.

The key aim for the branding of Mindfulness Bedfordshire was to create a corporate image that is soft, non-threatening and clear. Without a brand image that encapsulates these principles the brand image would miss the entire point of mindfulness. The aim of the business is to provide a service to help people live better and handle their lives more effectively and reduce the chaos and stresses of modern living.

This textured typographic logo design was ideal for Mindfulness Bedfordshire as the handwritten style shows a personal approach and the nature green colour is calming.

To support the brand style the client wanted a suite of images that could be used on promotional material and social media. It was important to create a library of images with a clear linking style. The images needed to express the ethos of Mindfulness Bedfordshire so it was important to get the tone right. It was agreed that nature focused images would be best, as well as images that show people in nature. These tranquil images help keep the calm and considered approach of the company.

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